The most comprehensive role playing superhero universe available features many exciting characters to choose from. These include fan favorites such as The Black Terror, Uncle Sam, Thor, Fantomah, the Golden Age Daredevil, Isis , Arrow , Hercules, Street Fighter, and more.

They will do battle with the world’s most dangerous villains such as Dracula, Merlin, Moriarity , Fu Manchu, Cthulhu , The Mummy and over a hundred more.

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  • Four classes of character builds which include:
    Unique – Super powered character
    Ubermensch – Human with enhanced abilities
    Tech – Technologically savvy
    Quantum – The ability to manipulate time and space within the game
  • Conversion tables to convert your character from your favorite super hero game.
  • Easy to learn game play whether you are new to RPGs or an experienced veteran.
  • Fast and easy setup of new game.
  • Game play can be quick and simple, where you use the stats on the character profile to a multi-level game with in-depth rules and guidelines which include purchasing enhancements, equipment and vehicles.
  • Every move or counter is based on 2d10. Easy to follow numerics for quick and precise moves.
  • Why does the defender make the 2d10 roll? The exact same result would come from the attacker rolling 2d10 and the Defender adding 11 to the defending skill, which is used in some fashion in many games.
  • This choice brings players into the game sequence when their character is being attacked. The attacking player makes the decision who to attack and with what, but the defending player has to make the roll that determines how successful the attack is. This helps keep players focused on the game even when their character is not acting.
  • Static attacks with defensive rolls for quick turns.
  • 275 numerically balanced playable characters allow instant game immersion.
  • Balanced characters and randomized group attacks so everyone has equal game play and participation.
  • Enemies have numbered attacks for randomized attacks. i.e. which attack and which hero to attack.
  • The most comprehensive collection of weapons, ships, and vehicles of any super hero genre role playing game.
  • The inclusion of mega weapons where the player will have tasks to acquire which allow for the defeat of ultra-powerful beings.
  • Four levels of play which allow for direct competition with more powerful beings as you grow and acquire mega weapons.
  • Acute measurement of in-game time which facilities quantum time jumps.
  • Detailed attribute numerical charts for all characters which allows for GM to define events.
  • Open ended scenarios which allow the GM to expand or limit the game length depending on the number of players, the level of players and time allotted for game play.
  • Most characters start with a 100-point system. With this many points, character builds become equally competitive without having over powered heroes. Guidelines and rules will also help players create their own competitive characters.
  • One of the objectives we wanted to achieve was to return to the days when RPGs were praised for teaching math and planning. We have made a fun and active way for all ages to use critical thinking and basic math.
  • Great game for all ages with any level of ADHD. All players and GM are active at all points either in team strategy, defense or group attacks.