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Spring 2018) 

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The Grand Daddy of all Superhero role playing games returns with an updated SUPERHERO 2044 version which will (re)set the standard for the super hero game genre. With extensive artwork by the industry‚Äôs top artists and upgraded game play by some of the hottest and most respected game designers this milestone in the industry returns with a vengeance in Fall of 2017. The game will also expand to include a collectable card version as well as a comprehensive pre-designed super hero universe.

SUPERHERO 2044 premise: What we have done is taken the SUPERHERO 2044 world premise and placed it into a multiverse of worlds that have different altered storylines.  In this world comic books are actually the reality or a window into reality.

SUPERHERO 2044 classifications: Most games that came afterward tried to break down comic book themed characters into various groups as a function of the individual super power a character has. We feel this is not the best way to organize a super hero themed game. Number one the classifications can be endless. We break down the characters by types of powers and specifically the source of powers. This is an important foundation to structure a supers game for organized gameplay. By having four basic powers classes it provides a simpler more concise sense of how each character is organized and treated:

  • Ubermensch – These are guys with no powers but have trained their bodies and minds to the optimal level.
  • Tech Masters – These are guys who have an affinity and mastery  for any type of mechanical tool.
  • Uniques – These are characters with innate powers.
  • Quantums – These are characters who have some aspect of time, space quantum physics which effect them from an external standpoint.

Character build mechanics are derived from the above four classifications. Details on the character builds to come.

SUPERHERO 2044 rules: We will be posting videos of play testing soon which will demonstrate the rules of game play.

SUPERHERO 2044 ready-made characters: The vast majority of super hero themed games include some instructions on how to put together a character mathematically and then provides a handful of examples of characters. There have been several supers games which have contracted  with the two major publishers and then provided math for their known characters.

Multiple problems arise with licensing deals then lapsing and good games fall into limbo with those games. Plus, and this is a subtle point, those universes were created for comics. The new edition of SUPERHERO 2044 is the first universe crafted for gameplay first and foremost.

This way players can sit down and start playing within 15 minutes. Character growth is measured in transferring the real-life in game stats if you change characters, you can also draw a new costume for your character with art sheets provided or write-up an alternate universe origin for the character you are playing.

The characters to play will also be very very diverse with all races, genders, and types found on normal lie.

SUPERHERO 2044 accoutrements: This game will have a broad set of maps, adventures, ships, weapons available for gameplay. The vast majority of them fully illustrated. Our game will have by far the most individually illustrated aspects of the game in one book. More illustrated vehicles, guns, ships, maps, etc.  than any comic book themed game.

Game attributes:

  • 2d10 based
  • One hundred and thirty-five defined superpowers available to play. More than any other super hero themed role playing game on the market.
  • Physics of super powers charts.

This game will launch on Kickstarter in Fall of 2017 and we will be updating the site frequently with new artwork, pages samples, card samples, and other important news.

Stay tuned for more info.

A partial roster of playable HEROES:
Domino Lady, The Heap, Arrow, Arsene Lupin, Purple Zombie, Thor, Golden Age Daredevil,  Uncle Sam, The Spider, Fantomah, The Black Terror, Hercules, The Black Bat, Mister Monster, Silver Streak, Hugo Danner, Circe, Isis, The Werewolf, Atom Master, The Face, Target, The Ghost, Ms. Fury, The Flame,  Cheshire Cat,  Black Orchid,  Lady Justice,  Fantomas, Man O’ War, The Moth, Avenger, Dr. Nemesis, The Grim Reaper, Miss Masque,  Black Angel, Magno, Tesla, Kid Frankenstein, Perseus, Hydroman, Sinbad,  G-8 and His Battledrones,  Birdman, Hang-Man, Black Panther, John Henry, Monkey King, and more…

A partial roster of playable VILLAINS:
The Snow Queen, Mephisto,  Merlin,  The Claw,  Dr. Moreau,  Cthulhu,  The Leprechaun,  Loki,  Dr. Caligari, Dark  Thor,  Dracula,  Mad Hatter,  Pied Piper, Valkyrie,  The Owl,  Sasquatch, Fu Manchu, Mr. Hyde,  Moth Man, The Invisible Man, Animal Man, Hitler, Moriarity, Rasputin, The Vulture, Chronos,  The Mummy, Re-Animator, The Octopus, Dark Archer,  Cyborg Hercules, The Gargoyle, Frankenstein,  The Golem, Madame Satan, Satan, Ares, Lady Luck, Black Knight, Morlock, The Crooked Man, Springheel Jack, Guy Fawkes,  The Lizard, and more…

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Steve Perrin
(Runequest, Superworld)

Wayne Shaw 

Ross Payton
(Base Raiders)

Jennifer Schoonover
Adventure Journal)

Alex Drummond
(Warhammer 40,000)

Lou Zocchi
(Superhero 2044,
custom 20 sided dice)

Comic Book Legends
(and soon to be legends)

 Herbe Trimpe
Ernie Chan
 Jamie Tyndale
Bill Sienkeiwiecz
 Simon Bisley
 Bob Budiansky
 Sean Chen
 Rudy Nebres
 Dave Ross
 Bob McLeod
Dave Acosta
Bill Bryan
 Evan Lee
 Bing Cansino
 Daniel Kamarudin
 Daniel Oliviera
 Giorgio Comolo
 Jamie Hurtt
 Paul Baker
 Mike Bowden
 Canaan White
 Val Mayerick
 Dmitri Patelis
 And More…